About Us

Jimmy Lea & Chartered Engineers is a specialist engineering services firm, headquartered in Singapore, with international offices in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. We are highly specialised in providing plant engineering design, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consulting services, modular design & fabrication and research & process development.

Jimmy Lea & Chartered Engineers provides high-end engineering consulting services in the disciplines of Plant Engineering and Computational Fluid Dynamics to organisations that desire to stay ahead of the competition. As a specialist consulting firm, we work closely and provide valuable scientifically-backed inputs to our clients with the objective of improving the employee’s safety and the organisation’s profitability. Our clients come from the renewable energy, oil & gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, defence & security, pharmaceutical, water & wastewater, food manufacturing, green building & environment and the mining industry. Whether they are constructing a new process plant, improving their products performance, optimising their existing systems or pursuing BCA Green Mark certification, our experienced consultants will ensure that they receive appropriate, value-added solutions.

Our mission is to deliver effective plant engineering design, CFD consulting, modular design & fabrication and research & process development to our clients

Our vision is to be recognised by the engineering community as the leading specialist engineering firm in the Asia Pacific region

Feel free to download a copy of our Convert 123 engineering unit conversion software for your own use. This software is very comprehensive in regard to the number of units it can convert and we provide it free-of-charge, free from malware, advertisement and royalty.

Download link: http://www.jimmylea.com/downloads.html

Business size

26-100 employees


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